BIL Express operates in the logistics field and relies on a specialized and prepared team to serve our customers with excellence, in all areas we operate.

We offer international courier services, which includes express transport of documents and packages, with or without commercial purposes, for individuals and legal entities. We are the solution for those who need an agile and practical service, characterized by the commitment to perform a quality service, respecting and meeting the demands of each customer. What’s more, you can track your shipment at every step of the process, with reliability and safety.

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Our courier services include the following segments:


Is it an international package? Don’t worry, we have pickup services anywhere in the world.  We guarantee your shipment will be safely delivered in Brazil, with agility and traceability. Choose your marketplace, go shopping, and we´ll take care of the rest.
Doing business with other countries? Our e-commerce solution is also applies for export out of Brazil.


Customized service for hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, CRO´s, among others. We offer support for all materials to be shipped, such as documentation and packaging, as well as adequate transportation and storage, with temperature control, meeting the specific needs of the segment.

General Cargo

We offer international freight for any type of cargo and also for goods that do not fit the services provided by courier.


Simplified process of customs clearance for documents. No taxes to pay, your documents will be delivered to you through our express service, regardless of their origin and destination.


We offer services in transport and release customs clearance of aircraft parts to repair. So, if your aircraft is inactive because of this kind of problem, you won’t be hindered. Contact us!

Pick and pack

Don’t waste your time! Leave the operational part to us.  We’ll handle your goods!  We separate and repackage everything to ship and deliver each item to the desired destination.

On Board Courier

This service is exclusively provided to those customers who want to receive or send documents or packages in a faster and safer way, through exclusive courier supervision.
That’s how it works: Your is supervised by a courier and it is hand-delivered , at the agreed place, without the need for clearance and in a more efficient way than the conventional shipment.

Shop & Ship

We provide an international address to receive, prepare and send your purchases to the place of your choice.
This service allows you to shop on different websites and to consolidate your purchases before they are sent to their final destination, reducing freight costs.

Unaccompanied baggage

Worriless trips! We take care of your luggage.  Use our unaccompanied baggage services: we can either send or receive your belongings in an agile, reliable and planned way.
Besides that, you won’t be charged excess baggage fees!

Contact Us

For more information, contact us by phone or e-mail:
+55 11 5105 1940
[email protected]

BIL Express:
Corporate Name:
Brazilian International Logistic Transporte e Armazenagem LTDA

Main Office:
Avenida 9 de Julho, 4.364 - Jardim Paulista
01406-100 - São Paulo - SP

Operational Address:
Rod. Hélio Smidt, s / nº - 07190-971 - Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) - Cargo Terminal - Courier warehouse - 07190-971 room 1C10L014

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