The rules governing the international express transport service (courier) make it possible to offer agility in customs procedures.

Having the expertise in this segment, BIL Express provides a qualified service and delivers reliability to our customers.
To find out if this product meets your needs, check our tips and read the regulations below carefully. If preferred, you can also contact us.

Courier General Information
Check out the requirements for the import and export of shipments and documents and find out which products are not permitted to be transported by courier.

Courier General Information

Service Guide
This guide describes the services we provide, based on the current regulations, forbidden items, limits, and the detailed information about pickup and delivery.

Service Guide

BIL Express Transport agreement
Check out our Terms and agreements, as well as the obligations and responsibilities that must be met by BIL Express and also by the customer, which cover all the logistics stages.

BIL Express Transport agreement

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BIL Express:
Corporate Name:
Brazilian International Logistic Transporte e Armazenagem LTDA

Main Office:
Avenida 9 de Julho, 4.364 - Jardim Paulista
01406-100 - São Paulo - SP

Operational Address:
Rod. Hélio Smidt, s / nº - 07190-971 - Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) - Cargo Terminal - Courier warehouse - 07190-971 room 1C10L014

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